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Lodged in the middle of two hillocks, The Slip Rails, a beautiful eco-tiny home comes to life surrounded by the Scott River Peppermint trees and undulating hills and valleys. The romance of the Australian stock routes is imprinted into this site, where generations of stockmen boiled the billy before droving the cattle through the slip rail fence on their way home to Nannup after a long summer of grazing. Perfect for a romantic getaway or retreat into nature.

Imagine yourself sitting on the window seat, reading a book, surrounded by the whispering Peppermint trees with the roar of the distant ocean in the background.  A full- size deck allows you to connect even more with the surrounding environment nourishing both body and soul.

Each of the hillocks have a lookout point where you can view the wild southern ocean in all its glory. It is an artist’s dream setting and a really special location to unwind and relax from your busy life.

This unspoiled 750-hectare pastoral farm has only seen family members in the last 130 years and has regeneratively grazed cattle wandering the land, keeping weeds under control and adding organic matter that ultimately helps keep carbon in the soil to fight climate change.

The amenities and fixtures are design led and chosen for sustainability in all aspects. The bedding is made from natural linen and wool blankets are provided if you need extra warmth. The mattress is OceanCycle certified with 120 plastic bottles collected from the ocean and repurposed into the mattress itself. Only ecofriendly, natural and non-chemical cleaning products are used. The handwash, bodywash, shampoo and conditioner all have no phosphates or silicone which is especially good for sensitive skins as well as kind to the environment.

The Little House Republic team actively work to reduce energy use, minimise waste, nurture the land, encourage local producers and craftspeople, and work collaboratively with local communities, so you can feel good while having fun on holiday. No guilt, just relax and have fun!


Things to Do

While you’re at The Slip Rails, disconnect from your normal life and experience nature at it’s finest. Sip wine, read a good book, or relax on the deck. The untouched and secluded surroundings will make you reconsider your relationship with the natural environment.

Sandy tracks and dunes lead to the coast and the great Australian bush surrounds you. Spend time photographing the native flora and fauna including the endangered black cockatoo, emus and kangaroos and other native wildlife that roam the 750-hectare property.

Surrounding Area

The property itself is surrounded by some of the most stunning countryside. Four-wheel drive only tracks lead to the best surfing and fishing beaches in Australia. At Black Point, walk to Stepping Stones for a spot of fishing or to view the mosaic-like rocks that Black Point is named after. Nearby Surfer’s Cove offers stunning views of the coastal cliffs stretching eastwards. Lake Jasper, the largest permanent fresh water lake in the south-west of WA is a short drive away. Lake Jasper has been recognised as one of the five most important wetlands for waterbirds in the southwest, and twitchers will be able to see many species here and is the perfect spot to Kayak. Glenarty Road Winery is an easy drive and provides a wonderful farm to table experience for those with a discerning palate as well as access to farm fresh product. Augusta, Margaret River and Nannup are also within an hour’s radius of the property.

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